December 23, 2013


Movie idea: serial-killer/self-help genre mashup.

Two homicide detectives are on the trail of a sick killer who is using the power of positive thinking and The Secret to easily kill anyone he wants. They must descend into the seamy underworld of self-help – and realize their own full potentials – before he kills again.

First proposed title for this movie was “Smell The Roses.” More on the nose: “How to Win Friends and Kill People” (or, possibly preferable, “How to Kill Friends and Influence People.”)

I guess this is more of a book, not a movie.


  1. Oh, man. This is great. Last title is definitely most on the nose, imo. That the detectives must descend in the seamy underworld and “realize their own full potentials” is the best part of the pitch.

    Posted by MRB on |
  2. This is a great idea, but it is also kinda the plot of season 5 of “Dexter.”

    Posted by Adam on |
  3. Beth can confirm that right after posting this I did wonder aloud if maybe I had just pitched “Dexter.” Damn pop culture keeps raising the bar and making it harder to be silly.

    Posted by broomlet Post author on |

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