February 27, 2015

Shadowgrounds: Survivor (2007)

Shadowgrounds: Survivor
developed by Frozenbyte (Helsinki, Finland)
first published November 14, 2007 (online) by Meridian4, for Windows, $19.99
~1 GB

Attempted to play for >1 hour, 2/26/15.

The third of the four-or-so “Humble Frozenbyte Bundle” games, as included in the “Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle” that I bought on September 30, 2011.

I can’t get Shadowgrounds: Survivor to work.

It shows me the intro, and then at the point seen at the 1:00 mark in the video above, it freezes the entire computer, forcing me to power down. Freezes the entire computer! That’s some serious crashing.

It seems from the Steam and Frozenbyte forums alike that there are wide variety of crash problems associated with this game. I followed the official FAQ advice: installing various things it thought it might need, then reinstalling the game, then validating the downloaded files, etc. etc., at each stage of which I was encouraged to try it out anew. I got to see my computer freeze to death four more times. After a while I feel like a sucker. Fool me once, shame on, shame on you, fool me, you can’t get fooled again.

Okay then! I’m not gonna run at this football anymore without a signed document.

I’ll type up the credits here if I ever play the game. Be sure to check this entry every day for the rest of time, to see if I came back and played the game after all!

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