June 24, 2009

Etude for Easy

Negligible piano piece, hot off the nothing!


3 HOURS LATER: Hm. Came back and listened and heard something totally different from what I wrote. Turns out this is an etude for something after all – for evenness. This piece really doesn’t work at all, when played with my trademark horribly sloppy uneven rhythms. So here’s a new quantized version. Also, I think the idea that the score would leave the phrasing up to the forces of nature is problematic. It asks a bit much of the ear – this piece is plenty ambiguous to the listener even if the player is very specific about phrasing. So here’s a revised score: this time with my secret phrasing intentions all spelled out. But part of me still wants to think of this as just a cheat sheet, and the all-4/4 version is the real piece.

Just putting that on the record so that it can be incorporated into Appendix 2 of the eventual Urtext edition, currently listed as “in prep.”

Plus the hammer noise on that piano sound was bothering me, so this time let’s hear my other, equally fake piano.

new audio
new score

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