July 4, 2011

Independence Day Rag

About 10 years ago I wrote two rags. I listened to them last night and thought that it sounded like they were probably pretty easy to write and figured I could probably write more without too much effort. So that’s what I just did.

Those earlier two were sort of exuberantly goofy; this one I tried to steer in the same direction but I guess I wasn’t feeling it; it came out fairly conservative. Except for a couple of jokes with phrase length and the obvious overdose of dissonance, this really is just your standard-issue rag.

Hear for yourself.

Very unedited score. I’ll replace this with a revised and/or edited version if I ever revise and/or edit it.

Edit later that day: Man, this is a really annoying piece.


  1. I just discovered this today, August 3. I co-opt it as a birthday gift, even if it was never intended as such, and thank you very much. I find it very cheery.

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